Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Birthday Trail

For my son's 6th birthday, he has one main present - and rather than just give it to him, we decided to make a game out of it.

So I created a treasure hunt for him which I thought I'd share with you all. - If anyone else thinks this is a fun way of giving a gift, then it took me about an hour to come up with the clues.

Clue 1:

The first clue was handed to Benji in an envelope and began the treasure hunt.
It was an easy clue to start with, in fact none of the clues were that difficult. After all, we wanted to make sure he actually found his present!

Clue 2:

Clue 2 makes references to the place having been searched before. This is the second treasure hunt I have created for Benji and this hiding place was also used in the first game.

Where would you look?

Clue 3:

Again a nice easy clue which required some hard searching though!

Clue 4:

Back inside and upstairs for this penultimate clue.
Getting close to the end now!

Clue 5:

And so we get to the last clue.

Benji managed to get this one right, how about you? Any guesses where the present was hidden?

The Result.

And so, after all that searching, maybe the present was an anti-climax. Maybe he wasn't really impressed and thought it wasn't worth the effort?

Then again...........judge for yourself :-)

(Excuse the mess in the house, it gets a little bit tidier once the kids have gone to bed.......)

Happy 6th birthday Benji :-)

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