Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year

So long 2013, thanks for all the fish

Happy New Year all!

Well, it's been a bit quiet on the "Boardgame With Family" blog over the holiday period, so I thought a quick update is in order.

Firstly, it was my son's birthday just before xmas - I've done a separate post on his present opening which I hope some of you might find enjoyable and maybe beneficial. That post will hopefully be online a little later.

Onto 2014

This year is likely to be quite busy at work, but I'm hoping to still find time to push this blog forward - to that end I'm in the process of creating my own website so hopefully I'll be able to manage content and comments more easily. I'd love to get a little community going if possible, and I might also attempt some video content (so yes, you'll have the chance to see my ugly mug!) - maybe I'll even drag Benji on camera to talk about some games.

My gaming resolution for this year, inspired by Rodney Smith's Table Talk episode, is to log all my plays - hopefully I can then use this data to more accurately share with you our gaming journey.

Purchases for this year?

Although I doubt I'll get all of these, here's what's currently on my radar:

Marvel Legendary Expansions:
Well, I'd love to et my hands on the Marvel Legendary expansions - it's suddenly taken off in a big way in our house, we've had 6 plays of it this year already. My wife and I even sat down for a game after the kids had gone to bed!

I really wish this game was cheaper, as I think it would be a hit in our house

Mage Wars
Sadly I doubt I'd ever get it to the table, so this is probably not going to happen, but if anyone has it and fancies a game......

Now this game is really intriguing, I love how it plays - depending on it's price when it makes it over here, this could be a purchase - I'm a sucker for card games!

Slightly cheating with this one as I'm just waiting for it to arrive via Kickstarter. I have plans to use this as a way of improving my son's vocabulary and spelling, but it look's a fun game in it's own right.

Lords of War
Another Kickstarter purchase, this one should be great to play with Benji


But before I can buy, I need to thin my collection out a little as I'm running out of space. So what's on the trade pile?

Mage Knight Board Game
I love this game, originally rated it a 10 on the geek, but have come to realise that I am NEVER going to get it to the table. I bought it as a solo game, but it just takes too long to play

I'm a big Stefan Feld fan, but I just cannot get into this game at all.

Legends of Drizzt
Ok, this one won't get sold as Benji won't let me get rid of it - maybe it'll get 'lost' somehow

So that's me - what does 2014 hold in store for all of you?


  1. Happy New Year. What does 2014 hold in store? German games… having discovered some of the prices on, I’ve been on a bit of an unintended spree! I really must unsubscribe to the BGG “Europe – Hot Deals” thread!

    Christmas was a chance for lots of games with my children, given the lack of work and homework. The only new games were The Little Prince: Build Me a Planet (German version, of course!) and Story Dice – both of which have gone down well. In fact, The Little Prince has gone down particularly well with me for offering a lot of interaction and decent number of decisions in a short play time (though you can’t be too nasty to your own children!)

    A particular gaming highlight was taking my children to their grandparents and playing a couple of “proper” games (Carcassonne and the aforementioned Little Prince) with one of their cousins of a similar age, who was just blown away at the enjoyment should got these games. So much so that she was straight on the phone when she got home asking where she could get them from.

    Haven’t managed to get 7 Wonders out yet, however. Still waiting for the right opportunity.

    Looking forward to boardgaming in 2014 and more Boardgames with the Family blogs.


    1. Oh and selling games too, I fear. Just to make room to buy some new ones....

    2. I was tempted by Little Prince a while ago, but never got round to buying it