Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kash-Talar - Arena of Ripoffs

Sorry people, get ready for the rant.

But seriously, what is going on with the prices of board games in the UK? 

Take Tash-Kalar. Post-Essen it was £30. Now? The MSRP is £49.99 - a 66% increase.

Ok, well maybe it;s something to do with economies of scale? Let's check.

The German edition of Tash-Kalar is on for €27, or roughly £22. Whilst Germany is the home of the modern board game, I'm fairly sure that the English language version would have a larger print run and therefore should be cheaper.

So, maybe it's something to do with Germany - maybe board games are cheaper out there, or tax-free or something? Well, let's head back to and check the International version. €55 (or £45), so the same price I can get it in the UK.

Heading across the pond, we can see that US online stores have it for around $45 - so it appears this is mainly a UK issue.

Really - what's going on here?  Can anyone explain?

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