Monday, 3 February 2014

What have we played in January

This year I have decided to try and keep a log of all games I have played, to get a feel of what has been popular in my family.

So, let's take a look at January, 2014.

New Games for my Family:

PLYT - I've done a video review and playthrough of this game that can be found here. It's more of an educational tool than a game, but it's brilliant for teaching multiplication (as well as being great at getting adults to practice skills they don't use very often)

Amerigo - a fairly light Stefan Feld game of exploration and discovery. Probably a bit too advanced for my family, but it's a game I really enjoy.

It Happens - another game I've produced a video and gameplay runthrough of (found here), this charming little dice game is perfect for families, with lots of simple decision making required.

New Games (for me):

As well as playing games with my family, I'm also fortunate enough to attend some nights with a gaming group, which gives me a chance to play games that I wouldn't get a chance to play otherwise. for this month, I managed to play the following games I haven't played before:

Gravwell - really excited to play this new game from Cryptozoic, and it didn't disappoint. the concept is relatively simple - play cards to move your ship along the track. However, your moves are influenced by what your opponents to, so there's an element of trying to figure out what the other players are going to play.

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - an interesting take on the Worker Placement mechanic; in Tzolk'in you place your workers, but the longer you leave them where they are, the more powerful the action they can do is

Spyrium - Another game that takes the worker placement mechanic and puts a different spin on it; this time you place your worker between two cards, and each worker around the card increases it's cost. A game with lovely components, and is very reasonably priced.

Rampage - a game I have since purchased a played with the family (although it falls into February). I'll be writing or filming a review of this soon.

Nations - a relatively deep civilisation game, which I have only played solo so far. Would love to play this is a group.

Game List (in order of Plays):

Any game with an * is one that the family have not played. 
Games have only been listed if it's had more than one play in the month.

Marvel Legendary - 8 plays
PLYT - 5 plays
* Resistance - 3 plays
* Tzolk'in - 2 plays
Amerigo - 2 plays

Total game count:
37 plays of 20 different games.

Not too shabby!

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