Monday, 25 November 2013

Board Games? Or Bored Games?

So, if you're reading this article, then you are either a fan of boardgames, or someone that my wife has badgered to read this to make her husband feel popular. Either way, you might find this article interesting.

Now let's put aside the fact that it's in the Daily Mail - let's face it, I wouldn't want most of the people who read the Daily Mail anywhere near my house. But still, I think the article raises an interesting debate, and possibly a sad commentary on our society.

For those who can't be bothered to read it (or those who don't want their delicate eyes to come close to reading anything put out by the Daily Mail, I'll summarize.

Essentially the article is a list of do's and don't's that one should consider when hosting a 'gathering' at their house.

And it starts with the headline: Board games? What a bore! Being asked to play is considered one of most annoying things when visiting a friend's house

Now admittedly if the board game in question is Monopoly, then I might agree with them. But here's the odd thing.

Who does this? 

Is there anyone out there who invites people round and expects them to play games without prior agreement? 
In my circle of friends, I own more board games then anyone, and yet I have never inflicted a game on anyone. Sure, some are on display, and if people are interested and want to play, I'd be happy to introduce them to a game - but I've never invited them round and then forced them to sit through a game.

Of course if you read the article, it actually says "1 in 10 people resent having to play a board game", but why let pesky things like facts ruin a good headline. After all, did you see how the geniuses managed to create a pun based on the the "board / bored" similarity? 

But read a little further - go on, I dare you. Fine, I'll read for you then. 
"The same number expect a good host provide them with a wi-fi password". So for those keeping score at home, 1 out of 10 people that you invite over, come to your house to browse the internet, using your data allowance. 
That's right - so rather than doing something sociable, like playing a game together, 10% of people expect you to feed and water them whilst they surf on their mobile devices.

Is this a reflection of society? We'd rather sit, surfing the internet and checking Facebook, rather than talking and interacting with people who are sitting in the same room as us? 

Reading further into the article, 31% of people are "offended in they have to fend off a pet" - that's right, they come over to your house, knowing you have a dog, and are 'offended' that the dog isn't shut outside.
And a whopping 19% of people resent having to take their shoes off.

So let's put all this together. 
10% of people don't want to play board games
10% of people demand wi-fi passwords
31% of people are offended by pets
19% of people resent taking their shoes off

This adds up to people who don't want to socialise, demand pets are kept elsewhere, and don't care about ruining your carpets. 
For once, the fact that they read the Daily Mail is the least of their problems.

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